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Personal Health Platform

A shared platform designed for healthcare institutions, users, hospitals, private doctors, pharmacies and health insurance companies

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Peer to peer storage System

A distributed system which permits to connect and share data securely by providing an organized network through a peer to peer ecosystem

Computer Hope

Real-time IOT Device Monitoring

Through wearable or IOT devices users can collect data in real time and monitor their health facilitating  diagnosis and personal records

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What we do

Sana is a distributed system that uses blockchain and peer to peer technology to "connect" healthcare institutions with users through a single channel. Our P2P architecture allows to share and provide information in a fast & secure way by delivering access and control of health data.

We are focused on research and development of innovative devices to monitor health in real time to give users  a better way to monitor vital values through a dedicated platform.

Our system include:

  • Complete register of user’s medical history
  • Simplified access and control of  health data
  • Authorisation to share user’s health information
  • Real-time value from IOT Device
  • Payment and reimbursement with personal wallet
  • Interoperability with existing supplier data-storage infrastructure
  • Plug & play Devices

Why choose Sana?

With our platform, we deliver your data to you.

Users can finally start to manage personal data authorizing specific doctors to visit their profile, making an appointment or check vital information. Every record persists in the distributed network, providing fundamental security and restores functionality.

Moreover, through innovative wearable devices users can monitor their vital parameters and start reorganizing their health.

Sana is open for everyone, every health institution or user can join the network.

Customized Profile

In Switzerland, patients have multiple healthcare providers and critical health information is distributed across institutions. A personalised profile can save time by having all important health data consolidated in one place.

Data Monitoring

A user’s profile is always updated for doctor’s support. Through interactive tools, we can help to improve the medical services by providing real-time data.

Medical History

A complete history of user’s personal health, medical conditions and medication which allows to organise all necessary information in a structured way.


Avoid consumption of drugs versus existing treatments by managing medical prescriptions.


Improve efficiency by organizing and speeding up data delivery, use specific tools to manage your institution.


Faster organization and patient's health status in real time.


Automate refund, avoid fraud and provide more services, such as telemedicine.

Elderly Home

Constant access to user’s state of health with emergency notification from connected devices.


A single medical record always up to date, preventing chronic diseases and facilitating health information.

A System For Everyone

A simplified access to medical records from everywhere, finally users decide where to share their data in the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Distributed System

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Our mission is to provide specific nodes to create a scalable ecosystem, we call it Sana Box;

  "This device has a set of components that allow fast and secure information sharing, from exchange of data to distributed ledgers."

Some Switzerland Healthcare Data

Health insurance costs keep on rising, we need to start a digital transformation to reduce it


Million paper annually


Million GB annually


Billion Total Switzerland Health Expenditure Annually


Equates per abitant annually

Financial digitalization saves costs and time

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Digital payments and rewarding with blockchain infrastructures paves the way for a new data-vending domain, allowing users to benefit directly from sharing data anonymously or making payments easier and faster.


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We provide medical devices in cooperation with strategic partners. Equipments are designed for different parts of the body and have different functional uses.


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Our platform is mainly designed to help organize your health ecosystem, take control of your information and start managing them yourself


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We use licenses for software assistance and development, every license will be soon available according to institutions needs

Advisory Board

Our Team

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Ivan Bernaschina

CEO / Co Founder

Adriano Meyer

CTO / Co Founder

Leyla Baghirzade

CBDO / Co Founder

Matthias Reiser

CCO - Switzerland, Germany and Latin America

Adrien Coulon

Assistant Coordinator in Business Development

Angelo Sanker

Full Stack Developer

Roberto Alfieri

Full Stack Developer

Alessandro Romano

Full Stack Developer

Sidharth Ramesh

Blockchain Expert

Our Partners

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Frequently asked questions

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How we can help you?

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1. What does Sana Box exactly?

Each node has a set of components that allow a fast and secure sharing of information, main layer are P2P such as: IPFS, couchDB and blockchain technology. The device provide different functions: easy and secure access through Smartcard, voice assistant, temperature/air sensor.

2. How much doest it cost to use the platform?

We are not charging our users to use the platform, based on the collaboration with health institutions we will keep the system updated through various licenses to health institutions.

3. How do I know that my data are safe?

Our system varies from different p2p technologies,  through cryptographic hash and smart contracts we ensure maximum security for what we offer. Remember that data can only be shared when you decide.

4. Can I manage other profiles?

Yes, through the platform settings you can decide to ask control of your family or friends data with due approval